Vodka GM

A promise of sunshine...

Vodka, tasted neat or in cocktails, is becoming increasingly popular with a young and sophisticated clientele.
Subtle and naturally aromatic, neat GM Vodka is making a real hit with a target audience of epicurian consumers.
Its delicacy also makes it very suitable for enjoying as a base for cocktails as limitless as your imagination. 
The creation of cocktails from a palette of regional products opens up new horizons.

A vodka from the south..

Our vineyards, which are several hundred years old, supply high-quality marc echoing the identity of its grape varieties and of its terroirs, for the development of this natural product with a unique taste.  
Once the grape marc has been brought down to 40°, it is distilled five times to produce an ultra-premium quality vodka.
The quality of the distillation makes it possible to obtain a pure vodka with subtle aromas, free of undesirable compounds, thus distinguishing these top-of-the-range products from the classic products.

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GM gins

Gin with Mediterranean flavours

Our vineyards, many hundreds of years old, provide a highquality marc, characterised by the identity of its grape varieties and its regions.

The grape marcs are distilled five times to produce an extremely pure alcohol, free from any undesirable compounds.

Re-distilled with juniper berries and a bouquet of Mediterranean plants, this ultra-premium alcohol evolves into a gin with subtle and elegant aromas.

It’s a walk through the heart of the garrigue, where the scents of juniper, grape, lemon zest, bitter almond, coriander and lavender mingle.

Our sophisticated GM gin tastes equally good neat or in cocktails.

Gin with citrus flavours

Developed from the white GM gin, the amber version is the result of 12 months of maturing  in demi-muid casks previously used over several decades for maturing Banyuls Grand Cru (natural sweet wine).

This maturing process creates a complex palette of aromas with varying notes of candied citrus fruit, leather or cocoa, typical of oxidative natural sweet wines, to offer a sweet and complex gin.

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Distilled anise

A distilled anise with the flavours of the garrigue

This distilled anise, produced from our 5-times distilled grape marc alcohol, is a great alternative to traditional pastis and offers an elegant product with a bouquet of intense aromas.

It’s our master distillers who have harmoniously combined this carefully refined alcohol with Mediterranean plants: green anise, fennel, fig, coriander and angelica.

This Figanis is so fine that it can be drunk on the rocks or, more typically, diluted with 4 to 5 times as much water, according to taste.



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GM organic neutral alcohol

The organic neutral vinous alcohol is obtained through distillation and rectification of French wine lees, carefully selected by our cellar masters.

Colourless and odourless, this surfin alcohol is highly prized by amateur liquorists as an  ingredient for the preparation of cocktails and home recipes (creams, liqueurs, maceration, etc.).


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Grape seed oil

Neutral-tasting oil

The GM natural oil is extracted from seeds from our vineyards and has a clear hue with yellow highlights.  Thanks to its resistance to high temperatures, it is perfectly suited to all types of cooking, including frying. Its neutral taste lends itself to many possible types of seasoning.

Oil with aromatic flavours

It is also available in a flavoured version with the natural tastes of the garrigue (thyme, rosemary, lemon, truffle, grape, and juniper) to add an aromatic touch to your dishes and salads.

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